Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day in The Life... Barona Antique Drags

It was lunch time as I walked up and down the staging lanes at my local strip. All was quite now, only the far off jabber of people in the background heading for the wooden tube steak stand. Looking left and right I shuffled along, checking out the iron on a hot sunny day. I could feel the trickle of sweat running down my back. There were lots of cars, most not impressive, then I spotted it sitting there. It drew me like a blinded moth to a white hot light at midnight.

You could smell the juicy patina dripping off this rod. Not many rides stop me in my tracks any more...but this one did.

In an age of anonymous car shapes, this one was different. There was an artists hand in the build of this thing. It had the stance, the look and the motor to make this a badass mother.

The cab is old Dodge truck...The Dodge Bros. at their best.

A creative use in old tin for the interior. But what really caught my eye was, "Driver Carries No Cash" inscribed on the's the story of my life!

With 'Old School' type slicks and a bed by Ford...with the classic "See Ya!" What more could you ask for? This ride was bitchen!

As I angled close to take in the delight of the small details, I could see a shadow looming behind me, was it the owner, the builder, the artist? I could feel his eyes burning on the back of my head like a magnifying glass on an ant struggling across the sidewalk. I turned around trying not to show my emotions, I thought, remember look cool. I said "nice car"...he just smiled and gave me wink.

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  1. Very well written John and couldn't agree with you more. This is my buddy Pete Smith's bad ass ride.
    Look forward to maybe some day meeting you and reading more of your excellent blog.


  2. Thanks Ray, I always try to make it to the Antique Drags and the Rockabilly event.

  3. Good enough to ....clone !