Friday, October 1, 2010

Just A Little Adjustment

Clark Gable at his best working on his machine. It always helps to have a full pipe and a sweater-vest on to get maintenance cool is that. Love the screwdriver and pliers!

I've been looking the this image trying to figure out what type of car this is...any ideas? The grill on the hood looks kinda' like Duesenberg.

Image via, A Conversation On Cool

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  1. David emailed, Hi John,

    I can't identify the car but I did run across this article on Gable's role as a race car driver in "To Please A Lady" which I have not seen.

    Review: Clark Gable’s racing classic, "To Please A Lady" - Philadelphia Movies |

  2. Dr. R Proud wrote:Love you blog, I like you started as a kid with cars. I blame my parents.
    I like Porsche cars as well- doing a 71 Conda Green 911 as we speak- did a 1961 356 Roadster in the early 90s.

    Any way your post on Gable- he did own a Duesenberg and one with a
    Thanks for the posts and the great job