Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Hoodlums

In a previous post, "San Diego Rodders Riot," we saw how kids took a local race track issue into their own hands. Here are some photos of the event in San Diego in 1960.

August 21, 1960 -- Police stop a Corvair on El Cajon Blvd. in San Diego. The women were part of a group protesting the closure of Hourglass Field, near Miramar after an August 8th accident that injured four people.

Kids cruised back and forth with signs, "We Want A Dragstrip." They were to get their way, first with San Diego Raceway in Ramona, then Carlsbad Raceway. Love the cardboard sign taped to the back of mom and dad's car.

Police filled a "Paddy Wagon" near Menlo Bakery with hoodlums arrested during the El Cajon Boulevard Riot. More than 100 were hauled away after a protest turned into illegal street racing between 35th and 40th streets, drawing police with tear gas and batons. (San Diego Historical Society Photographs)

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  1. I remember that night well, I had my 54 Chevy with signs all over it, with a car load of other "hoodlums". Got stopped by the El Cajon cops, they gave us a load of crap, but got I away with only a ticket for no lic. plate light.

    All part of growing up in San Diego.