Saturday, July 10, 2010

# 3 Wins It

Fellow blog contributor Marty sent me this cool old photo of himself flagging at a 1959 race. He says, "I never noticed the wind as the cars went by, but I was much younger, the race was a "California Sports Car Club" event and it looks like it was held at Pomona, or Santa Barbara." My guess would be Pomona.

I love to look at these old photos of a time long past. Check out the "7up" truck, '57 Ford Ranchero, '57 T-Bird and several '58 Corvettes. Number 3 looks like it may be a Lotus 11, but I may be off on that...anyone know for sure?

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  1. Marty wrote: "Yes, John, I do think it is a Lotus 11, but I have no idea who was driving it. Number 3 was Bruce Kessler's usual number, but I never remember him driving a lotus 11. But if he was not entered in a meet, sometimes another driver would be assigned number 3."