Sunday, April 8, 2018

Check out Garage Style Magazine

Thought I would share this info about a cool magazine with you guys. What got me thinking about this was, I delivered a large double float on metal to the owner/publisher of "Garage Style Magazine." He had seen "Cafe 11" up in Monterey last year at "Automoblia Monterey" held at the Embassy Suites in my booth. The way Don tells it, "One of his favorite things to do is collect signs and art for his man cave and office. When he first laid eyes on the print-on-metal he fell quickly and irrevocably in love." Like a lot of collectors, months would go by, but he kept thinking, I would love to have that piece for my office. Finally we touched base again and shook hands over email. I ended up delivering the piece to him at the "Gallery of Speed" in Laguna Beach.

As I started, if you have not seen or subscribed to "Garage Style Magazine"'s very cool! If you want to check one out, I believe Barnes and Noble carry it in their magazine racks. They do a big spread on Monterey car week covering events like Pebble Beach. Oh, they also do private garage tours at the start of the week. It's pretty darn cool! So check one out guys, and share this post with your other car buddies that may want to see it too! I think you'll like it!

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