Sunday, March 26, 2017

When Men were Men... Hulme, Moss, and Surtees

Do you ever kick open the time machine door and look back? I sometimes wonder where all the years of this long road of life have gone. To me time seems to fly as we get older, at least it appears to do so. To that end, maybe years ago you had the chance to see or meet someone you looked up to as a hero, I did. I would see these ex-Formula 1 racers at Monterey during the Historic races, just a glimpse at times, then to say hi as they walked by. You ask, "Why am I writing about this?" Well, another one has left all of us behind with only memories. John Surtees passed recently joining Denny Hulme. Stirling Moss is still with us, and was racing at Laguna just a few years ago. This photo is a tribute to a time when they were together, laughing and enjoying the time off track.

As I sit here, I offer a toast to the memories and making this trip worthwhile...

Left to right: Denny Hulme, Stirling Moss and John Surtees.

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