Sunday, February 12, 2017

Blowing Like a Tornado...

I stopped to get a shot of my '67 911 sitting among the pumps of this old gas station. I unpacked my tripod, camera, and did the set up. After pulling the car under the overhang and making my way back to the camera, suddenly the wind began to howl directly in the direction of the camera. Thinking holy cow among other things, I'm never going to get a steady shot. Well, after squinting for several minutes to keep the sand out of my eyes, I took a chance and started taking some shots.

After posting a pre-finished shot on Facebook and receiving tons of "likes and shares" I'm now happy to introduce you to my new finished release, "Filler-Up." It's destined to become another double float print on metal ready to be enjoyed.

Hope you enjoy, and here's a link for an up close look! "Filler-Up."

"Filler-Up" © John Straub

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