Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Where They Raced by Harry Pallenberg

Met some friends the other day on the edge of night and over a few three fingers of Jack, the subject of ol' racing in Los Angeles became the topic, then one thing lead to the other and I told them about how I had been contacted about a film on just that subject. Here's the plot...back in the day they raced everywhere they could, before population and congestion buried it all.

Eddie Pullen at the wheel.

WHERE THEY RACED: Speed Demons in the City of Angels tells the story of a pre-gridlocked Los Angeles... a time ripe with orange groves, movie stars, year-round sunshine and more auto racing and innovation than anywhere else in the world. This documentary film is told with hundreds of vintage photos, lost archival films, and revealing interviews that reunite the ghost tracks of Los Angeles with the cars that raced on them, to give these fading memories a victory lap.

Harry Pallenberg is an independent producer that is reaching out to the grassroots auto guys and girls to put a smile on faces telling the story of racing in SoCal back in the day. Here's a link to a trailer, Where They Raced.

He can be contacted on the web or Facebook.
Web: www.wheretheyraced.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/WhereTheyRaced
Racing on the streets.

Los Angeles Motordrome 1911. The 1st board track in America.

Culver City after the board tracks.

A young Ed Windfield at the wheel.

Beverly Hills early on.

Beverly Hills board track racing.

1923 Los Angeles Speedway Program cover.
All images supplied by Harry Pallenberg

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