Saturday, January 18, 2014

When Driving Fatigue Sets In...

I have this gift for being able to tell what people are thinking. And everyone in Starbucks Coffee this afternoon was thinking about Baby Ruth candy bars, oddly enough. Hey, it's no skin off my nose if people want to waste their time thinking about Baby Ruths.

Then on the drive home, I was dozing off sitting at the stop-light, I thought, hummm...what do they know that I don't? 

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  1. Keith Nelson emailed: "You were dozing off after going to Starbucks Coffee", John, you need to buy some coffee when you are sitting there using there free WI-Fi.

    1. "Candy is Delicious Food." Indeed.

    2. If you doze off while at a stop light you might need a more exciting ride
      giddy up