Sunday, December 1, 2013

L.A. Auto Show...Rocks On

One of the must make events, is the L.A. Auto Show. This year the opportunity hit me in the face to shoot the Mercedes-Benz Concept car shown at the L.A. Auto Show. Really kinda' hated to put my watermark on this, because the image of the car should just speak for itself. What do you think about this ride?

Image from the L.A. Auto Show

If you want to make the L.A. Auto Show next year, you can find more info here to put in your favorites.

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  1. Keith Nelson emailed: It doesn't have tires! ...Must ride like a truck.

  2. Steve Lopez emailed: Hey John great shot, I saw the car last week when I attended the Porsche event on 11/22 thx.

  3. Definately different, and that thing was huge. While I admire the futuristic design, I hope automobiles don't evolve in this big blob way. I like smooth subtle lines and sharp pronounced lines, but this is just too much in your face of neither.