Saturday, October 19, 2013

Things You Learn...

I posted this photo of Eugene "Red" Case back in 2011 with little knowledge of whatever happened to him. Since then, I've received two comments about Red that I thought you guys would like to read.

Eugene "Red" Case getting ready to make pass. Getty image.

Here's one of the comments: "This was Red Case, from California, running at Houston in around '58, stories differ as to how he died, but one is that he was killed in a more traditional dragster at Vacaville. No question, this one was dangerous!"

The other comment: "I attended the Houston race when Case ran this fascinating but dangerous car.
This car and driver made an impression on me for most of my drag racing life.  

When standing next to this car at the Houston event it almost gave me the chills thinking that someone would drive this down the track. I remember that Case had great difficulties keeping the car straight during the runs. I understand that he complained that by sitting so far forward with his feet almost against the front axle he could not see or feel the rear end coming around until it was almost uncontrollable. They finally bolted a welding rod to the axle sticking up between his feet so he could "aim" the car and perhaps be able to see any movement of the rear of the car to either side. As best I can remember he had his hands full on every pass. It was a car that I never forgot."

 It is indicated that Case may have died in this very car.

Accident Date:  May 24, 1959

Car:  self-built Chrysler-powered AA/FD

Biographical:  His throttle stuck as he sped across the finish line, flipping end over end, he suffered massive injuries. He struggled through three days of intensive care at Woodland Clinic before succumbing.  He was survived by his wife and three children.  A resident of Bellflower, he worked as a mechanic and semi-professional driver for the Sanchez & Cagle salt flats racing team.  His best time in his own AA/FD was 9.06 and 170 MPH.

More info on Eugene Case can be found here.

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