Monday, August 5, 2013

Getting My Head Screwed on Straight...

This image doesn't look straight to me. Either I held my camera crooked, my glasses are crooked or maybe my head is crooked. I'm not sure. It could be my ears are a different height. Also what to do about it. I'm not taking any meds, even if they had a crooked head med. Maybe I could buy one shoe with a thicker sole. But that wouldn't help me sitting at the computer working on a photo for the blog. Maybe a single-cheek butt prosthesis would help.

Anyway thought I would share what I've been up to. Taking these shots makes me nervous, very nervous. A snapped rear axle and I'd be a gonner. I click the pic and run...come to think about it, maybe that's why they're crooked.

Nothing like a ol' Willys to get your blood pumping...

Tom's quick Camero from the "Shafters Car club" Barona Raceway.

How about some twisting torque?

Buddy, Dale Van Zant a columnist for "Car Kulture Deluxe" diggin' in at Barona Raceway.

Miles brought one very quick Chevy from the "Shafters Car Club" to run at Barona Raceway.

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  1. Keith Nelson emailed: Look GOOD to me, love the 57!

  2. Great shots ..
    what looks odd to me is the drilled front axle on the Willys,
    the last thing you would want to snap when it comes back down
    giddy up