Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Kid On The Block...Porsche 911

It was the 1st 911 to race at the famous Daytona racetrack, finishing 1st in class. 1964 Type 911, a-Series, Chassis No. 300-128. One of the two first 911's delivered to the United States.

Sadly, photographer unknown
Brumos Porsche received the car for demonstrations. As Porsche said "Anybody who wanted to drive a 911 just had to get to Brumos and they could test drive the new 911."
Jack Ryan, who was a racecar driver and owned a VW dealership in Atlanta, made a deal to buy the car from Brumos in 1965. He then had the idea to race the car at the 24 Hours of Daytona in 1966. Huscke von Hanstein, the Porsche Director of Motorsport at the time, did not like this idea. He basically frowned at the idea of racing a new 911 at the Daytona 24. He didn't think the car was ready yet because Porsche would have brought one to race if they thought it was ready to compete for 24 hours. Jack Ryan said "It's my car now and I'm entering it." About half way through the race, Porsche Club of America members, Jack Ryan, Lin Coleman and Bill Bencker were leading their class. Crazy as it sounds...Huscke came down & offered them any assistance they needed.

The car went on to win its class, thus being the 1st 911 ever to win a road race...not just in America, but the world. Another 911 had won the Monte Carlo Rally in 1965, but that was a rally, not a road course.

It was also the 1st 911 to race at Sebring, finishing 2nd in class. It went on to win many more races in the SCCA and in Club Racing. The car still retains its original engine and transmission and the interior (minus the headliner) is completely original too.
The car will be on display at Daytona during the HSR races, November 14-17, 2013. For more info here. Courtesy of HSR.
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  1. Hello John,

    in 1964 the new Porsche was called 901. 911 came later. One reason why I wonder about the celebration of 50 years. That should happen in 2015. Anyway, so we can celebrate a couple years.
    But, great job John. I love your website. Will we see you at Dana Point?

    All the best

    Uwe & Diana