Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Peking to Paris 2013 Update #7

Stanley and Brant have made it though Russia and here's a little look back from Stanley.

6/18/2013- “Reminiscing about the hardship of Mongolia; the excitement and beauty of Siberia. We are now enduring the hard-slogging, long drives and scenery that all looks the same."

“Russia is big and continues to look more prosperous as we move west, still a sameness that borders on boring. No mountains, no valleys. We see only large plateaus, all growing wheat as far as the eye can see."

Several times a day we have to stop to allow livestock to cross the road; even on major roads. Image © Stanley Gold

"One of the many things you see on a long drive through Russia is the numerous nuclear plants that dot the landscape, a lot like the French countryside. These are small nuclear installations similar the San Onofre in Southern California, all for civilian uses and supply a great deal of energy to the countryside.
 "We did have one very interesting Speed Stage today over a dirt road through a wheat field. I think we did well and the car is running like a top."

"While yesterday was in the mid-90's, today the temperature dropped 25 degrees Fahrenheit and it rained most of day making driving all the more difficult."

"Tonight is our last night in Russia and everyone is anxious to get into the Ukraine.”

 6/16/2013- "Today being a rest day, we slept in a little. After breakfast, our car got a bath and Brant did his customary check of all the major systems. All the wheels came off; brakes checked; filters checked and cleaned. In the end, everything is in A+ shape. With the exception, of the broken strut cap, our car has had no serious problems for which we are grateful. Other competitors used the day to take their cars to local workshops for both major and minor repairs."

Old fashion gas pump gauge; not seen one of these analogue gauges in 40 years.
 Image © Stanley Gold
6/15/2013- "I am still amazed at the resurgence of religion (both Christian and Islam) in this once very Communist society. The churches and mosques must be clearly subsidized by the government. These Houses of Worship are of relatively new construction, well maintained and quite attractive."

Beautiful all-wooden Russian Orthodox Church in a small town we traveled through.
Image © Stanley Gold
"We are a long way from Karl Marx who said that religion was the opium of the people."
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  1. P2P rally now in it's 26th day... only 8 more to go. interesting a 911 is 2nd overall in cat. and 1st in class followed by a VW 4th in cat. and 2nd in class both in GOLD status. down the list are the only other 911's in bronze status .see
    giddy up 2 Paris , Carson

  2. in addition to the above comment
    there are two 356 Porsches in Silver status