Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Peking to Paris 2013 Update #4

As you may have read in the last post, Stanley Gold's and Brant Parson's 911 had a left front suspension failure during  the Gobi Desert part of the "Peking to Paris Motor Challenge." After considerable effort, they have arranged to truck the car into Russia and implement the repairs and then join back into the event. Here's the latest news from Stanley.

"We left Ulaan Baatar at midnight for a straight 48 hour (non-stop) run to the Russian border. The car is on a flat bed and Brant and I are in a Toyota Land Rover.....all the way on dirt tracks! If everything works out, we'll be at the border on the morning of June 7 when our visas are good."

Image © Stanley Gold
"From the border, we'll proceed another 700km to Novosibirsk to begin our repairs. It is our hope we will rejoin the rally on June 11 when it leaves Novosibirsk."
"The Russian Embassy attempt to obtain an early entry into Russia failed this afternoon. They were stubborn and would not accommodate me for a two day early entrance."
"We are getting out of here tonight, one way or the other, and heading to the Russian border in anticipation of a June 7 crossing."
"All I can say is that 4 days in Ulaan Baatar is like spending two weeks in Tijuana."
"A detail of note: the border at Ulan Ude is 1,700km away, and the truck (see photo) has two drivers driving 24-hours a day."- Stanley Gold
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