Friday, April 19, 2013

Photos Floating through Electronic space...

Photographic art is said to begin by creating meaningful, passionate and high quality images. But, to take it one step further, and put them out there in the blog-o-sphere for readers to soak in... that's what one of my blogging buddies, Bob Tilton does remarkably.

For many, logging on to his blog is an escape from the real world. Bob makes it entertaining and enjoyable, if only by the use of a few well placed words with some of the most creative photography out there. He primarily works in the Porsche genre of "Long Hoods." It's a subject dear to my heart and I always enjoy those few minutes checking out his imagery and the thoughts that go with it.

Isn't it funny, that when we are young, the imagination and creativity just flows, then somehow we have it knocked out of us, except for Bob...he escaped. I can honestly say, he's probably one of the most creative of us walking around, just like one of the 'ol alchemists with his camera and his processes and techniques of capturing amazing shots. I liken it to a little, "Eye of newt, toe of frog, wing of bat, and a small lizards leg," bring it to boil, then simmer to distill it down to a fine image...

 I've included a link to his blog at the close.

Check out his blog, Werk

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  1. Many thanks for taking the time for the kind words John! Very much enjoy your contribution to the blogging community as well!