Tuesday, April 2, 2013

No Time Out, Not Yet...

I've been stalling in the red zone...I need to step up to the plate and get posting again. Been spending time playing with my camera shooting car pics, and posting them on Facebook. You can always join me there, here's the link to be my buddy and friend me. Click here to find me.

Anyway, here's one I shot back in '68-'69 at Riverside Raceway looking at turn 7. I don't know why this image sticks in my mind other than I thought the car looked so cool, black with orange scallops coming off the headlights. Or maybe it was the drivers matching helmet. I now wish I had been shooting in color rather than B/W, because I can still remember how bitchin' and mean that Porsche Roadster looked to a young kid with a camera in hand.

I have no idea who the driver was, but check out the real American Mags on this E-Production classed Porsche. He was running disc brakes rather than the drum brakes the car came with. 

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