Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Not a Good Day...

So you think you're rocketing down the track, until something goes terribly wrong. The steering wheel is jerked out of your hand and it feels like someone just threw an anchor out the back...what the heck is going on?

This pore guy racing his Triumph TR3 back in the 60's had the center of his right front wheel give way. But, all was not lost as he strikes an Olympic weight lifter pose, along with the track workers coming to his rescue.

Triumph TR3 image © Steve Chandler

Triumph TR3 image © Steve Chandler

Triumph TR3 image © Steve Chandler

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  1. My dad had a TR3 in the early '60's that he road raced at a old airfield where the Irwindale drag strip was built in SoCal. We lived near by and I also recall a home made gocart w/ a hugh McCulough chain saw engine that we had to push start that we ran at that airfield. Dad was in the Road Runner car club before the war. Back to the TR3 , what impressed me is that it sits so low one can reach out and put out a cig on the ground while in the seat. A classic sports car .
    giddy up, Carson