Tuesday, January 15, 2013

There's a Reason...

My breaker bar was on the work bench for a reason, but I just can't remember what the reason was. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't do anything without some reason, even if it's a stupid reason.

Anyway, I've always been fond of breaker bars. Maybe it's the name...a lung nut knows you mean business when you slide it on. Don't screw with me, it says! Every time we pick one up, we reinstate our membership in a great brotherhood of wrenchers willing to get to work.

But, the question still begs to be asked, why was it there. Maybe it's because it looks tough. That's a better reason than most.

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  1. Nothing says "we mean business" better than a breaker bar and a 3' length of steel pipe. Business bein' that rusted nut that won't budge even after cookin' it with the torch.

    Screw it. I'm breakin' the #@#&!! off.

  2. When I made it down to Georgia to bring back the VW I specifically hunted down, found, and returned with a nice 1/2" drive breaker, and a nice 18" 1/2" extension.
    I did forget my Cheater Pipe, a nice piece of 1 1/2" id galvanized pipe about five feet long, but the only time I've needed that was for some sticky VW Rear Axle Nuts.
    Between all these and my Bernzomatic, nothing to too tight to get undone. That or i'll just twist the fricking bolt off.

  3. Funny, if i ever install wheels but don't immediately TQ them for some reason, I always leave the TQ wrench on the drivers seat as a reminder to not drive prior to tightening the nuts.