Wednesday, January 23, 2013

On Any Main Street #2... Burger Run

Rocketing up the road with a windshield sunrise, do I meet up with some of my Shafters Car Club buddies for a morning bite, or head straight for the Burger Run Car Show? Not much of a decision...the show can wait, as you know, golden time spent with friends is never time lost.

The Burger Run at the Pepper Tree Frosty is the first show of the year in SoCal, and is touted as the largest one-day show, with an excess of 600 intoxicating rides. The camera started clicking with euphoria the moment of arrival. Enjoy the pics...

Pepper Tree Frosty at its best...

A badass flame job...
A  Facebook buddy, Cody Hill's home built ride...
The patina wagon...
Buddy, Paul Beckers cool gasser...
What a sweet ride to cruise in...
On any Main Street...
The Pepper Tree lot was jammed full...
One of my Facebook friends, Jack Petitt's sweet '57 Star Chief...

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  1. Great images John ,
    the photogs that work for all the car mags could take a lesson or two from you on how to creat a interesting shot.
    giddy up , Carson

  2. Bob emailed: J-

    The shot on Patina in AFR is a great shot. Do one like that with your white patina 911 and give me one!

    Have you thought about being an official photographer for Pano like Leonard Turner?

    Seriously, Pete as you know has set up shop in Norcal - I think you would have an "in" so to speak. Go for it.

    You might get invited to Europe for a new car introduction or something to make it fun.

    My $.02
    Cheers, Bob Gagnon

    1. Thanks Bob, I think most if not all car magazines go with the more traditional type shots. It seems that the magazines that cover arty type stuff are more edgy. But, we'll see I've been submitting to a few.


  3. thanks JS. the best part of the burger run, (other than the people), were the uber cool trophies!!!