Monday, December 3, 2012

Porsche Cayman World Premiere ... L.A. Auto Show 2012 ...

"Along For The Ride" went to the Los Angeles Auto Show for Press Days, the first of three posts will be on what Porsche has to offer. Then another post on other Manufacturers and a final one on a cool after hours gathering of enthusiasts.

But first, what the show had to offer. Nearly 50 vehicle debuts on Nov. 28-29 when it opened for Press Days. The show hosted world debuts ranging from electric vehicles to performance and luxury designs from a global array of the world's top automakers. The number of debuts and strong representation from the world's key auto manufacturing regions underscore both the rebounding strength of the industry as well as the importance of the Show as a launch venue. Coverage of the unveiling's promised to be extensive thanks to 25 press conferences and registered media from over 50 countries. There was no disappointment there. Never the less, now on to Porsche.

Porsche showcased their new Next-Gen Cayman, the "World Premiere L.A. 2012." The Cayman has between 275 to 325 horsepower from a 2.7 liter, six. The more powerful Cayman S will likely have a 3.4 liter, very similar to the one in the 911 Carrera. Expect the 325 hp in that version. Pricing for the new vehicle was revealed, starting at $52,600 and the more expensive Cayman S which is close to $64,000. Most experts believe the car's base price will be closer to the S model considering the new technology the car is expected to come with when it arrives in April 2013.

"The new Cayman offers lower body weight and much more agility delivering an unmatched combination of driving dynamics and performance"-
Matthias Muller, President and CEO of Porsche AG

The Cayman is lighter providing better fuel economy even with more power. The exterior has been significantly restyled, especially the doors and a rear spoiler that is nicely integrated into the body. Not to be left out, the interior architecture is all new, masculine enough to make a man go mmm-hmmm with all the right gadgets, Rodeo Drive enough for the female, making it one of the most special sport coupes in the market.

Porsche also showcased the new 911 Carrera 4 and 4S first shown at the Paris Motor Show in September. The two versions of the Carrera will come available in either coupe or convertible options with all-wheel drive.

Matthias Muller also reported it has been a milestone year for Porsche. Some of the highlights, it has been a record setting year to date, sales have increased 15% compared to 2011 world wide, with more than 160,000 units being sold. In America year over year sales are up 13% and the United States remains the single largest market.

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