Thursday, October 4, 2012

Porsche to Support Vintage Racers...

The other day, fellow blog follower, David Loynd emailed, "Have you seen this?" Well, as a sometimes vintage racer, I have often thought, "When is Porsche gonna' get involved with vintage racing?" The motorsport is getting larger by the hour, and it now seems to be on their radar, as much of their target market and sports car enthusiasts want to return to the days of viewing the cars they grew up watching.

Thanks, David for emailing. Read on, it's interesting to see where Porsche is heading.

Coronado Speed Festival with a Porsche 910 driven by Reg Howell.

Porsche Motorsport North America (PMNA) will begin supporting collectors of vintage Porsche race cars in the US and Canada similar to how they currently service teams and owners of modern 911 race cars.

PMNA has established a partnership with a new historic motorsports department that is currently being established within Porsche AG’s Motorsport Division in Weissach, Germany. The new department will provide expert restoration services to the Porsche Museum for many of the vintage competition cars the company owns well beyond the ones displayed in its exhibition center. When ready, a number of these cars will be entered in the popular vintage racing circuit around the world.

“We want to keep the memory of Porsche’s many racing successes alive by not just putting our legendary race cars on display but by letting them actively compete in events that celebrate historic motorsports,” said Achim Stejskal, Director of the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. “Race cars have to race, not rust,” he added.

Working closely with the Weissach, Germany based operation, PMNA will add heritage race car restoration and servicing to its repertoire. So far, the company has been mainly involved in the selling and supporting 911 race cars to North American owners and teams as well as in the restoration of race engines for historic Porsche race cars like the 917 and 962.

PMNA will move its operations from its current Santa Ana, CA location to Carson, CA where Porsche Cars North America is building its West Coast Experience Center. The new facility is expected to be ready by fall of next year. Aside from housing PMNA’s offices, parts storage and workshop facilities, the new complex will incorporate a business and conference center, a human performance laboratory and a number of facilities for customers and enthusiasts that will enable them to finalize selection of their next Porsche or hone their driving skills.

“Our new, much larger facility will enable us to reunite with race cars that PMNA worked on decades ago”, commented Jens Walter, President and CEO of Porsche Motorsport North America. “Finally, we can respond to the demand for factory-backed restoration and maintenance services, expertise that no other manufacturer can provide,” he added.

A key component of Porsche’s new Experience Center will be an over three-mile long test track that includes a whole range of different track and surface conditions, which will challenge the skills of drivers and the capacity of their cars.

As an industry first, PMNA will be able to offer race car owners the opportunity to store their cars in the new facility in a museum-like atmosphere, service them between races and get them race ready before each outing including the necessary shakedown / roll-out on the test track after repair and maintenance work.

Source: Porsche Motorsport N.A.

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  1. This is a pretty incredible thing..... but am sure the deep pockets required will be keeping the atmosphere in " rare air ". The beauty of this will be for the enthusiast public to see their favorites having a go at it like in days of old. The downside will be cost of function, ticket pricing, the location, and the inevitablility of certain tragedies occurring and erasing the historic elements some of these cars own as pedigree.
    I am going to be one of the first in line to check out the action....

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