Thursday, October 18, 2012

L.A. Auto Show 2012 / Not Your Ol' Mans Auto Show...

Sometimes something gets under your skin, and you just need to put down that "monkey-wrench," clean up a little, and head to an auto show. As the first major North American auto show of the season, the 2012 LA Auto Show will host some of the industry's most important new vehicle debuts; Porsche, Corvette, BMW, plus others and set the tone for the rest of the year. The dates are November 30, 2012 to December 9, 2012 for the public. But, what makes it different?

Back in the day, what about flipping over a phonograph record while taking a corner in your 1956 Dodge Custom Royal? Chrysler offered retracting in-dash record players advertised as "Highway Hi-Fi!" as an option available in 1955 to 1960 sedans (including Chrysler, Dodge, Imperial and Plymouth brands). But there was a catch—several, actually. The player had to be small, so a 45-rpm record would seem apt, but 45s played through a song in just a few minutes. So Chrysler worked with Columbia to create slow-playing 16-2/3-rpm records. Then there were the little problems of flipping a record while driving, the fact that the player's needle jumped unless the road was baby-butt smooth, and that ugly issue of what would happen to your date's face in the event of a crash on the way to Bob's Big Boy.

The Los Angeles Auto Show this year entered a new era of connectivity with the launch of its new website, redesigned from the ground-up with the increasingly mobile consumer in mind. Integrating the very latest platforms and functions available on today's smartphones and tablets, the new mobile-optimized site is a direct response to the rapidly evolving way information is shared and consumer purchasing decisions are initiated and cultivated.

 In order to encourage increased sharing and usage of the new built-in social media tools, the site will feature more digital content than before, including an increased number of photos and videos. With three quarters of smartphone users watching mobile video1,the new site seamlessly connects with the LA Auto Show to its YouTube channel and, for the first time, will feature a video of every press conference that takes place on Press Days.

The redesigned site is also well suited for the new generation of connected vehicles, which enable in-vehicle access to information, social networks and entertainment. With automakers bringing an increasing number of these vehicles to market, the new LA Auto Show site becomes even more relevant as a tool to keep mobile consumers engaged while on the move via social media platforms. According to Intel, automobiles will be among the top three fastest-growing market segments for connected devices and Internet content by 2014.

"This is an investment on our part that benefits both attendees and exhibitors," said Andy Fuzesi, LA Auto Show general manager. "Visitors now have access to more information and the ability to easily share content before, during and after the Show, while exhibitors benefit from the built-in viral nature and increased brand advocacy opportunities."

The redesign was managed and implemented by "inconmoble" a mobile design and development agency with consummate experience in the automotive segment. As a company, iconmobile works closely with brands such as BMW, Microsoft, Samsung and others to create and develop connected digital solutions in a way that is both personal and contextual.

"This partnership showcases a company that is truly vested in connecting with their audience in the most direct and engaging way possible, using devices people love most and always have with them," said Chris Mann, VP Business Development, iconmobile. "LA Auto Show has built a foundation for the future, which will further enhance the show-going and showcasing experience in the coming years for visitors, press attendees and exhibitors alike."

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