Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Some Old Salt... Bonneville

It's been on the bucket list for some time now...maybe some day I'll get there. In the meantime here's some "Old Salt."

A look at the early SoCal '34 Ford coupe that set a 153 mph record in 1951. Two years later, in 1953 it would be back with a different engine to set a new record of 172 mph.

An early '32 Ford Roadster, a popular way to go racing back in the day.

Mickey Thompson with his four engine Challenger I hit 400 mph in 1960.

The Shadoff Special hit 251 mph with a 258 cu. inch Plymouth V-8 in 1959.

The Chrisman Coupe with 285-300 HP came close to 200 mph in 1954.

Studebakers have been favorites of racers for years because of the body design.

The EX 181 MG driven by Phil Hill in 1959 set a record at 254 mph.

Not only American cars ran. Here a Porsche, Ferrari 400 Superamerica, and a Jaguar XKE sit on the salt.

Two Porsches and a Jaguar numbered up for their runs on the salt.

The Pete Brock designed Shelby Daytona Coupe, "CSX2287" went to Bonneville in 1965 and set 23 records with Craig Breedlove and Bobby Tatroe.

In 1971 Bobby Isaac took a Dodge Charger Daytona to a speed of 217 mph.

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  1. Hey John keep the faith dreams can become reality. I'd like to get there to some day either auto or moto don't know wich yet but something vintage.

  2. Nice post. Such an excellent combination of cars from the past. I would love to go back in time to see all those racers making records.



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