Saturday, June 30, 2012

Racin' as Fast as the Gas Pedals Would Let Them... / Riverside Raceway

This was shot from the bridge over the straight at Riverside Raceway in California. The start of a "Small Bore" race with the usual traffic jam. What I find interesting is the mix of cars, an Alfa, Sprites, a "Balboa" Datsun 2000, a Morgan, and a few Sports Racers/Can-Am type cars thrown in for good measure. Must have been fun!

Shot in 1971 at Riverside Raceway. Image © Mickey Pleasant

Riverside had its inaugural race in 1957. It fell to progress and development and held its last race in 1989.

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  1. John,
    In the 1970's, SCCA ran 7 races on a National Race Weekend. The groupings included a variety of cars, usually of similar speed. They combined FP Production Sports Cars, GP,HP, CS Sedans, and DSR Sports racers, which this photo appears to be. They also combined DP, EP, BS, and CSR.

    1. Thanks Don...look forward to seeing you at Monterey.

  2. There is 2 cars from Balboa Datsun in the photo , one is my father. We spent many weekends at riverside racing