Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Urban Outlaw ...

One of my buddies Magnus Walker has stepped up to the plate and made a documentary on Porsche 911 cars as seen through his eyes. He's been residing, along with his collection of early 911 cars, in a downtown L.A. converted warehouse, before it became fastionable. This is the trailer to the film that is going to be released and submitted to numerous film festivals, such as the Sundance, Austin, London, Montreal and others. It was produced and directed by, Tamir Moscovici.

The trailer is short, but worth the time to watch...very cool use of lighting and placement of the cameras. Here's the link to check out: https://vimeo.com/43035679

Time to hit the road with the "Urban Outlaw." Image © Tamir Moscovici and Urban Outlaw.
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  1. hey john,

    many thanks for the post & support.

    good choice on that lead picture,
    its my irish green 66-911,
    one of my favorite cars.



    1. Magnus, I'm looking forward to the release.


  2. nothing like an appreciation for vintage
    German metal, with the vintage look of inner city in combination with tranquility of mountain vistas / rockin' roads.

    Magnus , you have found the keystone to the Porsche hobby....Thanks !

  3. Every time, I see the video, it reminds me how lucky I am of having one, i can just go to he garage and take out my C4S.
    I love it.
    Even though I have a newer model, you have inspire me to seek a classic 911. The question has become for me at this point which year should I chase.