Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Porsche Dragster 356 style...

For all my Porsche friends...how about a beautiful little 356 Dragster? Well, Doug Church ran a badass 356 powered rail back in the '60s. He tried out the rear engine idea way before it became a popular mainstream way of getting down that quarter mile strip.

There was no expense spared on this Porsche 356 powered dragster as evidenced by the use of chrome on the widened wheels, chassis, four megaphone stingers and valve covers.
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  1. John, where do you find these? This is even cooler than the McAfee 4-cam dragster. More information please!

  2. Hey Russ, I'll see if I can dig up more info.

  3. Here's some more info. Doug got his "Modern Specialist" dragster to an 11.41/115mph in the U.K. in 1964.

  4. Rex McAfee left an interesting comment on the "4-Cam Dragster" link.

  5. that's my great uncle. That man had one hell of an imagination. could take anything crazy and turn it into a reality