Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Goodguys Del Mar Nationals

The Goodguys show is an event that can't be missed. If you're a So-Cal guy here it comes this weekend, March 30-April 1 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. This vintage poster was found from days of auto racing when people couldn't wait to get to their closest track to hear the sound of roaring engines. Well I guess it's still the same today, there are just fewer tracks around. Can you imagine the looks on the horse race crowd watching V-8s rumbling around Del Mar today?

So if you're around the area, head out to Del Mar where hot rod legends Ed Pink and Ed "Camfather" Iskenderian will be honored during the weekend. There will be a huge "Woodie" display and one of my favorites, the nitro-dragster display where they fire them badass babies up to vibrate your intestines. Just wonderful...pure power! Can't wait...

You can get more info: www.good-guys.com

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