Sunday, January 29, 2012

Saturday Morning Outing...

Saturday morning and it is happening everywhere. It's a gathering of like minded guys and girls that take their rides out to show what they have, rat rods, billet cars, barn finds, concour cars, you tag it. A time to take the cover off, fire them up and head out for a 'Cup of Joe.' They're normally called, "Cars and Coffee" and a place to meet up with buddies or make new ones.

The weather here was great, so how could there be any resistance? I turned the key and headed out to make some new friends. Google a "Cars & Coffee" and find one close to you.

C'Bad's gathering in Carlsbad is held every Saturday, the large ones, the last Saturday of the Month, 7-9 am.
Image © "Along For The Ride"
More info on this gathering, can be found here.

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