Monday, October 3, 2011

Pebble Beach...The Other Bad Boys

Most have heard of the ultimate of ultimate vintage car concours, Pebble Beach.

The location, perched on a cliffs edge of California coast-line between Carmel and Monterey. You say, "coast-line," and what comes to mind besides an awesome setting for a car show? How about pigeons, seagulls and crows, call them the dive bombing "Bad Boys." So what to do?...Read on.
The "Motorama" Display on the 18th fairway. Image via Corvette Fever.

Fellow blog reader, Kurt Gibson sent these shots of the "Badder" than "Bad Boys" predators. This gentleman's job is to un-cork his Peregrine falcon and a Euro owl to run off the locals. It seems one look at these dudes and the interloping dive bombers scatter.

The Peregrines diet consists almost exclusively of medium-sized birds. Image © Kurt Gibson 

The Peregrine can dive at speeds around 200 MPH. Image © Kurt Gibson

If you have ever heard an owl fly, you haven't heard an owl. They make no sound when they fly. Image © Kurt Gibson

The Euro owl is one of the largest types of owls, diet ...small birds. Image © Kurt Gibson

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  1. You have exposed your self in lots of car events and you are now a car enthusiast by heart, mind and soul. I love your blogs. It has something special in it.