Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Abandoned Dreams / Daniel J. Rice

While wandering around a local cruise night a few ago, came across this young guy with his vendor tent selling prints of his photographic work. Got to talkin' with him and picked up a smallish coffee table book he had published, called "Junkyard Reflections." Very cool images inside...

"For me photography has always been the means of remembering and sharing the beauty I find here on earth. I always even as a child was intrigued by the history behind abandon homesteads on the Oregon frontier. When I stumbled across the forgotten junkyard, on one of my many drives on the back-roads of Oregon, it was absolutely amazing. You could just feel the memories those cars provided for the individuals that drove them over time.
I have dedicated myself to the exploration of places in history. I look forward to visiting the Mayan ruins in Mexico next, which I am currently planning. And much more as time passes."---Daniel J. Rice

If you would like to see more of his book and some of his other awesome images, it's certainly worth the click here! You won't be disappointed! 

"Junkyard Reflections" © Daniel J Rice

"Junkyard Reflections" © Daniel J Rice

"Junkyard Reflections" © Daniel J Rice

"Junkyard Reflections" © Daniel J Rice

"Junkyard Reflections" © Daniel J Rice

Daniel will be attending the El Cajon Classics Car show each Wednesday for the month of September, excluding the 14th. As well as hopefully October. His book is available on his website or at the show.

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  1. Amazing images and an interesting story, John.
    Thanks for putting the info out there.

  2. Mary Ellen Goldberg emailed...Great photo!

  3. I am a young guy who lives in Oregon and wish I knew where this was... I love photography and old cars. I am currently restoring a 51 desoto

    1. hey connor was wondering if you ever found this spot