Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This Way Please / Zone 8 Porsche Concours

The morning was dark, clear and heavy with stars as I put fire to my ride. Making my way to Shelter Island the sun rose out of the hills behind me, warming the smooth water on the bay next to the show site. I was there early to help direct cars, and couldn't help to think, this was to be a nice day. As I saw it, every blade of grass was ready to accept the perfect Porsches directed onto the ramps.  Later on, not having a camera, and spotting Shannon Bowman with one in hand, I asked, "Will you take some photos for the blog?" Her face tightened, then her initial resistance broke way to a big smile. "Sure", was her response.

"I like to look for the beauty in the cars...
they're like art."--Shannon Bowman

The shutter in the camera clicked opened and closed with her creative blue eye looking through, carefully framing each image. So here they are, wonderful shots of Steve and Araceli Lopez's organized Zone 8 Porsche Club Concours. Enjoy.

San Diego Zone 8 Concours. Image © Shannon Bowman.

San Diego Zone 8 Concours. Image © Shannon Bowman.

Shannon and Joel Bowman's 914. Image © Shannon Bowman.

Porsche 912 gathering. Image © Shannon Bowman.

Three different ages. Image © Shannon Bowman.
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