Sunday, August 7, 2011

356 Dana Point Concours / 356 Club of SoCal

We went for an outing last weekend...and I had camera in hand, so, naturally, I took some shots.
Another well attended Dana Point Concours with over a hundred 356 cars, early 911S Registry guys and some 912 guys converging on Lantern Bay Park at Dana Point. Image © AFTR.

Blog follower, Cam Ingram of Road Scholars Restorations of Raleigh, SC. took first place in "Full Concours" and also won the coveted "Peoples Choice" award with a 1952 Cab, Fashion Gray with Blue. Image © AFTR.

"We were a little shocked to wake up Sunday morning to a rain storm in sunny southern California in late July. The hotel valet assured us that it was very rare, but his comforting words were lost on us.
We had spent countless hours on two cars, and had shipped them across county in a transporter to compete in the 356 epicenter. The last five years of concours experience has taught us not to panic when faced with diversity. Although, it was tough to remain calm when we ran out of towels by the third onslaught of rain."...Cam Ingram

Glockler dash just reeks vintage with stop watches and the coolest steering wheel ever! Image © AFTR.

The 2011 Dana Point Concours was a wet affair with showers off and on during the morning hours. Image © AFTR.
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