Friday, July 22, 2011


We, my camera and I, decided to head to our local club autocross. As I clicked away, club guys kept asking me, when was I gonna' come drive again...not today, the two of us are onlookers me holding cell phone camera in hand.
They were all there for the drivers meeting, even my buddy the cone. Image © AFTR.

"Dead Pets Racing Team," 'Butch' the cat looks on with curiosity. Image © AFTR.
Looking down the rabbit hole of tech inspection. Photographed, Mark Rondeau. Image © AFTR.
The timing light goes...snap! Photographed, Keith Verlaque. Image © AFTR.
Don't look behind the curtain....Photographed, Martha McGowan, Jennifer Reinhardt. Image ©
Rocket man! Photographed, John Rickard. Image © AFTR.
Speed Demons!....Photographed, Steve Grosekemper and Mark Kinninger. Image © AFTR.
Raizzin' the bar for others. Photographed, Bob Brant. Image © AFTR.

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