Monday, June 20, 2011

'SENNA' The Movie

A trip to the Sonoma Historic Races a few weeks ago lead to some cool side adventures. One was viewing the pre-release showing of the film, "SENNA" at the historic Sebastiani Theatre that was originally built in 1933 in the quiet town of Sonoma.

The long-awaited documentary about triple F-1 World Champion Ayrton Senna is about to hit the movie screens this summer. However, the movie is more than a documentary on the Brazilian driver, it starts with his young training, racing go-karts and progresses through his 11 seasons in F-1 along with voiceover interviews with family members and track rivals giving a clear insight into his mindset as a driver. Even with spectacular in-car footage this film also focuses on his personal feelings about the politics of F-1 with a 105-minute feature compiled from thousands of hours of period archive footage. Senna makes an important point about what he really enjoys about driving early on in the film and comes back to it several times throughout. I'm not going to give that point away, just take my word for it. The movie is a must see for anyone who enjoys F-1 or sports car driving. I'll give it my best Siskel and Ebert impression of two thumbs up!

After the movie, Monique and I walked across the town square to the Swiss Hotel bar. The bench racing was at full tilt in this cool little place. Next time you're in Sonoma, stop in and have a shot or two of whiskey, and if you're looking for a blue jeans kinda' place to have a great dinner next time you're at Infineon Raceway (I still call it Sears Point), try the Schellville Grill heading into Sonoma, the best BBQ ribs outside the South.

Sonoma Historic Mororsports Festival put on by General Racing
Historic Sebastiani Theatre in Sonoma
Ayrton Senna
Aryton Senna 

 You can see a trailer for the film by clicking this link.

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  1. Yeah no doubt he was special and a great driver, but what about Mario? World Champ and multi Indy winner. I guess that doesn't count in F1 circles or is that why Clark, Hill, Surtees and don't forget Sir jack comming to Inday. Three time F1 champ is a great accomplishment but Schumacher is a seven time F1 champ what does that make him? I don't get this film, but I haven't seen it yet.