Saturday, May 21, 2011

Speaking of the Riverside Grand Prix ...

In the post on the United States Grand Prix of 1960 held at Riverside Raceway, Marty spoke about several of the race cars being driven to the track for the race and Bob saw one that he remarked about in the comments. However, for a lot of us, life was to young to remember such things. If you think about it, Riverside Raceway was basically a new track, and had no garages in their paddock area as of yet. Check out the following images. Can you imagine driving today's Formula one cars on the street?

John Surtees makes a pass between two Fords and a Chevy driving his F1 Lotus-Climax up University Avenue heading towards the raceway for the 1960 U.S. Grand Prix. Incidentally, he did not finish the race because of an accident. 

Here Maurice Trintignant, on Highway I-15 heading south coming out of Riverside on his way to the track in a Cooper-Maserati. Maurice finished 15th in the race.

The United States Grand Prix at Riverside  Race Program. Image via
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Seeing F-1 cars on the street today is certainly worth a comment here.

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