Sunday, January 16, 2011

John Wenderski's Accident

I received a comment and email from John's son, Mike. He has requested any stories or info about his dad's tragic accident at the Ramona Drag Strip. Some of you posted comments here. If you can add anything, please contact him at,

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  1. I was a regular spectator in high school but I missed that Sunday. As I recall, there was a mound of dirt down track that acted as a ramp when the Black Beauty got off the pavement. John suffered severe head trauma when his head hit the edge of the steering wheel. Track management removed the mound I believe before the next weekend. I seem to recall that there was a short article about the incident in the Union or Tribune. Someone who raced out there was David Barker, a chiropractor in La Mesa or El Cajon. He might know about the mound. It was a sad day for the racing community. My recollections may be a bit fuzzy 50+ years later.