Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cliff Dwellers

It just put a smile on my face. Life Magazine has captured some amazing images over the years documenting our love affair with cars and car people. This one, I'm sure somewhere in L.A., clubs have scribed paintings of their 'Car Plaques' on the cliff, with a Ford Shoebox standing guard. The Toucans, Igniters, Black Rats, Valley Cruisers, Quarter Kings and more.

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I'm sure in every local, the clubs existed and still do. Close by we had, and still have, the King Pins, Prowlers, Chiefs, Bean Bandits, , Cam Pounders, Axle Dragers, Shifters and others. I guess it's only natural, as all of us go through life, we always look for our packs.
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  1. Back in the old days I belonged to a Motorcycle club named High Boots. It was 1946 I believe.

    I've lost track of and forgotten most of the members. one that is still in the fog of old age and keeps popping forward is Bill Barber who pained flame jobs on our Harley's. Ring any bells? Chuck Szymczak