Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bonneville 2010

Do you remember how it was possible to disappear into your own small private world when you were a kid? At times in my world I would read car magazines that reported on far-far away events, like Bonneville. I would study the photos in great detail as though I was looking through a microscope. It seemed it was a time when speed records were falling every year with names like, Art Arfons "Green Monster" at (576.55 mph) that captured the imagination of millions, and Craig Breedlove at (600.6 mph). Then in 1970, Gary Gabolich's rocket car, "Blue Flame", attained a spectacular (622.4 miles) per hour.

Well, I've always had a hankering to load up a car and try this thing. One of the blog followers and a 'Facebook' buddie Sean Cridland has done just that. This was his second year taking a Porsche there. Here is what he has to share.

"Hi John, I didn't do that well this year. My car was down on power for some reason. I was shooting for the 150+ mark this year and only got to 128 and that was on a course 1.25 miles longer than last year, when I went 135. That said, once I figured I wasn't going to get the speed, I went for experience. Got 16 runs. The officials were kidding me that I had the record for the most number of runs at the B-ville event and that I had the fastest "lap-speed" because I wouldn't de-helmet or anything, just drive right back up to the start and go again. Hey, it's a PORSCHE! that's what they're made for right?"

Here are some images to check out.

The PCA pit 2010 "World of Speed" at Bonneville. There's not much out there in the way of creature comforts.

Needless to say, the famous yellow Vesco 444 garners more attention than the little silver C4. It should, it has over 70 records at Bonneville.

It's not how big your engine's how big your heart is for the love of this sport.

Off we go...It's peddle to the metal. No turning back now, notice in this image all unused openings are sealed with tape.

See ya next time.

I just gotta' do this!!!

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  1. How the Porsche world does change. This Fall, in Germany, our rental Cayman S had no difficulty touching 160 MPH on the autobahn. We were at a PCA Treffen, and all participants expected to go 150MPH one time or another.