Thursday, September 9, 2010

On The Road...Peking To Paris

Blog follower Ahmet is hitting the road on the Peking to Paris Rally. He will be competing in the "2010 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge" trans-continental classic car endurance rally, which was first held in 1907.

His Anadol A1, the first volume produced Turkish car, prepared by Serdar Bostanci and his team, hit the road for China last week. Here is the web site to check out,

I started a post on this a few months when they were preparing the car for the "Peking to Paris" event with details of the car and Rally.

It seems that race car drivers always end up with the women.

The Anadol all dressed up and ready to go at the kick off reception.

You can follow them on the Internet by clicking on the links below.

During the Peking to Paris rally ( his car will be equipped with a real-time GPS tracker from SkyTag. As of September 10th, you will be able to follow there progress on-line by clicking on the below link:

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