Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day in the Life

Nothing turns me off more than to go to some blog or web page and have ads flashing in nauseating colors in my face, it's distracting , tacky and I feel like I'm being pimped. When I decided to start this blog one of my goals was to keep it non-commercial...however, sometimes I just have to break my I'm going to put in a plug for this guy.

The other day my white car had to go on the hook which sends shivers up and down my spine as well as gives me hives...some gorilla throwing chains on my car and yanking it up on a flat bed...not a good scene. The good news, I've found this guy that owns a Porsche and has been around them his whole life, and has the pride to do this towing thing right!

Matt Parsons is the dude to do any towing that you need in the San Diego area. He'll treat you and your car the way you would want it taken care of, carefully. His number in the photo (619.977.7507) will get him direct. Just a tip you may need in the future. Nuff...said.

The white car went to Brant, his brother's shop. It was fit in between Brant race prepping several Carrera four cam engines and a 904/6. Now home with a new starter motor, it's back happily sitting in the driveway.

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  1. Hi John,

    Thanks for the information. Sounds like this is the man to know when you need a tow.


  2. Matt Parsons has been a very good friend of mine for 37+ years. I would trust him to transport any of my cars. He towed my 1967 RS Camaro from San Diego to Libby, Montana when I moved 3 years ago in an enclosed trailer.
    Rex Murray

  3. This guy is great!

    Helped one of my PTA friends, by getting gas for her, when she was trying to get her daughter to Steel Canyon High School, and her car ran out of gas.

    Will never forget it. He's our Hero.