Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just A Day At Pikes Peak

In 1916, the first Pikes Peak Hill Climb race was held August 10 - 12 to commemorate the opening of the Pikes Peak Highway. It is the second oldest auto race in the United States (the Indy 500 being the oldest). There are 156 treacherous curves on the 12.5 mile course.

I grabbed these shots at the recent Porsche Parade...it's the car that Jeff Zwart drove at this years hill climb. The Porsche was entered in the "2WD Time Attack" class and he posted a time of 11:31.1...Blisteringly fast!

It's a 2007 GT3 Cup Car with modified suspension and under body shielding.

It has a 2010 Grand-Am 3.8l engine, rated at 450 hp.

Jeff placed sixth fastest overall and set a new record for the class, not bad for a "Old Guy". We meet in the early '80s and raced "Formula Fords" against each other in some challenge races for PR people.

Here is a video of him in a qualifying run up the hill...check it out:

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