Monday, June 14, 2010

Sonoma Historic Takes Flight

Call me kinda' sheltered, but I've never really been to Sonoma or Napa to go wine tasting. The last time I was at that local area racetrack it was called Sears Point, with little or no amenities. Now it is all grown up and called Infineon Raceway, and is a fitting place to hold the first annual "Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival" which has the potential to become a huge vintage race weekend (or week) in the future.

This was a super event, not just a race weekend, but a real happenin'. If you're a wine conniseur or a foodie, it was all there for you to partake. Smack dab in the paddock area was the "Wine Country Pavillion" serving up free wine tastings and food samples by the dozens. There was also a night of the same with other local vineyards and restaurants in Sonoma at the Sebastiani Winery.

The classic car corrals were packed and people browsed through the paddock to check out the cars and vendor tents. So whether it was the fine cars, fine wine, or roads winding through the vineyard covered hillsides, there was something for every car enthusiast to enjoy.

I really haven't touched on the racing....oh yeah, there was racing. Many not involved in the sport seem to say, "It's not really racing" - not true. It is racing, however, the drivers understand that they are really only the custodians of these cars and the real purpose is to share the cars with others to see, hear, and appreciate at speed. So was the first annual Sonoma Historics a success? Oh yeah.

A 906, 908, Pooper and another 906. Check out the half cut 906 engine display.

1974 RSR, 911 460.9053...two time Swiss National Champ.

RS-60 Spyder, 718-052. The first appearance for the RS-60 was at the 1960 12 Hours of Sebring.

This is 908 010. The 908 had a pressurized aluminum space-frame with a air valve fitted so that the chassis could be checked for cracks.

This is 910 004. The 910's weight is 1,298 pounds.

IMSA GTU Winner, '75 Daytona 24 and '79 Sebring's a 1968 911T called "Jezebel".

1961 Carrera Abarth GTL, of 21 cars made.

A 935...up on it's air jacks, simply awesome!

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