Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Second Time Around...A Road Trip

Yep...a "Second Time Around" for this car. It's a 1957 Speedster. The ride belongs to George Alspaugh and he has spent the last two years reseaching and working on it in an effort to do a "Full Concours" restoration, bringing this car back from the dead! The last time this car looked like this, was on the showroom floor, "back in the day" sitting there next to VW's. Hence, "Second Time Around."

Now for the "Road Trip." George knew I was heading to the Porsche Parade in Saint Charles outside of Chicago and asked me to ride shotgun and to help him clean when we get there. Oh...did I mention, this is his first concours ever! I'll try to update our adventure on a daily basis as we head across country.

Take a look at two shots I took in his garage this last weekend. The Speedster is white with blue leather interior...just drop dead gorgeous!

Getting ready to hit the road, 6 AM La Mesa...Speedster in tow! Where are the donuts?!!!

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