Tuesday, March 23, 2010


A few weeks ago Monique and I headed to San Diego Stadium for the "Big Three" swap meet. This event is a once-a-year deal that fills the west lot and more with everything automotive you can think. We love it...it's like a treasure hunt!

I get a thrill handling physical relics of the past and I've scored some pretty cool Porsche parts that you would never guess could be there by the name of the event.

George Taylor was selling parts with his 39' Ford truck on display.

Monique looking for those 911 fog lights.

These all sat on new cars at one time.

How about some manifolds or injection stuff.

Or how about a "Blower".

It's all there and now I can't wait to next year for more pickin'...just like that TV show "American Pickers"!

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