Saturday, March 27, 2010

Amelia Rocks 2010

The Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance in Florida is no doubt the most notable concours on the East Coast. What makes this concours so special in its' short history, which started in 1996, is the eclectic nature of the event. This years show honored NASCAR legend, Richard Petty, as well as celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Sir Stirling Moss' Cuban Grand Prix victory. However, the show also celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the Porsche 917's victories at Daytona and Le Mans.

Porsche enthusiasts and East Coast blog followers Russ Hibbard from South Florida, and Ed Cave from Atlanta, photo documented this event and provided these special photos to share.

Number 2, 917-015 was driven by Pedro Rodriguez and Leo Kinnunen at Daytona.
Number 23, 917-010 painted in the livery which won Le Mans for the first time for Porsche.
Number 3, the 917 called "The Hippy Car" ran 240mph along Mulsanne at Le Mans. The Gulf Oil colors. All above photos by Russ Hibbard.
Not a 917, but still cool, a 907K which came with 2.2 liter flat eights. Photo by Ed Cave.


  1. What?? 2.2 liter flat eight in a 917 body? There must be a story here...

  2. Hi George...hope all it well with you. The 907 race cars came with the 2.2 flat eight. The 917K cars came with a flat 12 that was 4.5 liters.

  3. Hi John, Getting settled here, lots of new roads in Napa and around Gold Country :)
    The flat eight might run smoother but my 944 has a bigger engine, woot! Here are a couple photos from a McLaren at a party in San Diego, this engine is defiantly bigger than 2.2. Can I assume it is an F1, 917K (is that the same thing?) or something else?
    It doesn't seem to have a left side rear view mirror! ;)