Sunday, March 7, 2010

356 Roadster Restoration...Begins

Ahmet, our fellow blog follower just sent me some photos of his 1960 356 Roadster starting restoration. The Porsche Roadsters began in 1960 and production ended in 1962. This was the successor to the 356 Speedster that ended in 1959 with a few 1959 Convertible"D" cars as the go between the Speedster and Roadster. One of the big changes was the addition to roll-up side windows in the Roaster making it a more friendly car to deal with in the rain. However, just like the Speedster they were seen on the racetrack as well.

The restoration team in Istanbul.
The new door skin will be hand rolled in the shop.
Soda blasting and stripping the rusted floor boards out.
New floor boards welded in.
He'll keep us posted with up-dates along the way.
This car was imported back to Turkey from California.

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