Monday, May 10, 2010

Number of Speedsters Made

Fellow blog follower Wayne Bostic enjoyed the post on the "Speedster Racing" and sent this to me to share with everyone.

As you can see...not a large number. It's amazing that the econo Porsche of its time has become so valuable.

FYI - following is the production of Speedsters (ref. book Porsche Speedster by Dr. Michel Thiriar)
Speedster Production
1954 200
1955 1,034
Total 1,234
356A T-1 from Oct 1955
1956 1,256
1957 591
Total 1,847
356A T-2 from Sept 1957
1958 1,131
1959 32
Total 1,163
Grand Total Speedster Production 4,244

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