Monday, May 3, 2010

Cal-Speedway 2010

Blog follower Marc Riesenberg sent in these awesome photos of the last California Speedway Club Race event...very cool! I really like the white POC GT3...It reminds me of those old photos of racing cars from the early 1900s with there wheels looking out of shape. How the heck did you do that Marc? Check them out.

You can see more at:


  1. Marty emailed me this:
    Marc may have done it with the magic of Photoshop, but in the old days it was the use of travelling slit focal-plane shutters in large format cameras.

  2. No photoshop editing here. I shot this at the straight under the bridge, where I'm sure they're going 120+. I was using a 2.8f 300mm lens (that's a pretty decent zoom for non-camera geeks). Because I was catching the car as it came by and very close up, the effect is caused by the shutter not moving fast enough ("only" 1/8000 second) and the car is moving as the shutter is opening (from the bottom up). Enjoy the photos! - Marc