Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some Vintage Porsche Ads

Do you remember how it was possible to disappear into your own private world when you were younger? At times in my world it involved car magazines like "Rod and Custom," "Hot Rod," "Car and Driver" or "Road and Track." With the latter, I would look at the new car ads and wonder what it would be like to cruise the streets in such machinery...looking oh sooooo cool!

This video is made up with Porsche magazine ads starting in '58 with a Carrera Coupe and a '59 Convertible "D", then transcends into the iconic 911's, the 914's and ending with the 1976 introduction of the 930. It's pretty cool and it all starts some place for many do you remember?

Enjoy! Here is the link if you did not get it:

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